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Personalised baby gifts for boys and girls

A perfect baby gift should have a strong sentimental value. That's why all our birth gifts can be personalised with the baby's name, birth dates or a photo. We offer unique newborn gifts for the baby, the new parents, new grandparents or new godparents, allowing you to create beautiful memories of that special moment. Find some inspiration here!

Flat crystal photo

from 19,95 €* Flat crystal photo

Embroidered Blanket

34,95 €* Baby blanket with name

Tea light holder

12,95 €* Tea light holder for baptism

Glass heart

from 29,95 €* Glass heart as a newborn gift

Photo cushion

from 12,95 €* Photo Cushion for Baptism

Slate plate

from 19,95 €* Slate plate with photos

Photo clock

from 19,95 €* Photo clock for family

Baby gifts for boys and girls

Newborn gifts for girl

Decoration letters

Decoration letters baby gift

Cuddle pillow

Pillow with text for baby girls

Tea light holder

Tea light holder for girls

Baby blanket

Embroidered baby blanket

Newborn gifts for boys

Decoration letters

Decoration letters name boy

Cuddle pillow

Pillow with text for baby boys

Tea light holder

Tea light holder for boys

Baby blanket

Embroidered babyblanket for boys

Christening gifts

Tea light holder

12,95 €* Tea light holder for christening

Flat crystal photo

from 19,95 €* Flat crystal photo Christening

Photo gift tin

from 12,95 €* Gift tin as a baby gift

Baptism or christening gifts

Popular gift ideas for baptism or christening gifts are often personalised with the name or the birth date or christening date of the baby. Lots of our gift ideas for christening can also be customised with photos so you can design individual memories and keepsakes.

Sweet jar

from 16,95 €* Christening jar monetary gift

Photo clock

from 19,95 €* Photo clock with birth dates

Decoration letters

14,95 €* Decoration letters baby gift

Keepsake box

from 19,95 €* Engraved treasure box

Baby shower gifts

Gifts for the baby party

Do you also know the superstition that it brings bad luck to give a present to the baby before the birth? Nowadays, this superstition has lost some of its power and baby parties and "babyshowers", are becoming increasingly popular. At baby parties expecting mothers get presents, mostly practical things like baby equipment but also personal and emotional gifts.

Baby blanket

34,95 €* embroidered baby blanket

Treasure box

from 19,95 €* Treasure chest for keepsakes

Cookie jar

from 16,95 €* Personalised cookie jar with name

Pregnancy and baby scan gifts

Unique baby gifts for new parents

Of course all parents love it when cute baby photos of their newborn child are captured. But most of the time you don't have the right photos at hand so shortly after birth. So how about a nice slogan or babyscan photos?

Slate Plate

from 19,95 €* Pregnancy gift slate plate

Photo clock

from 19,95 €* Personalised photo clock


from 12,95 €* Personalised photo cushion

Photo in glass

from 14,95 €* Ultrasonic Glass photo for mum

Slate plate

from 19,95 €* Slate plate with baby scan photo

Decoration letters

14,95 €* Decoration letters for pregnant mom

Gifts for pregnant mothers

If you want to make the parents happy before the newborn baby arrives, you can also give the expectant mother a present, e.g. care products or teas especially for pregnant women. Here you can find inspiration for more personal gift ideas for pregnant mums.

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Frequently asked questions about baby gifts

What do I get my girlfriend for the birth of the second or third boy or girl?

She' s got all the baby stuff she needs. Still, everyone is happy to receive a little gift - what could I give her? Well, we recommend a gift personalised with the third baby's name. This way you have a personalised present for the newborn baby, which the parents don't have yet and which is only meant for the smallest baby. Or you can give the parents a creative money gift, because parents can always use money for diapers, food or baby equipment. Another possibility would be a gift that is only meant for the mother: Create or example individual decoration with pregnancy photos or ultrasonnic photos or vouchers like "1x babysitting the older children" or "1x go shopping".

Do you also give the father something for his newborn child?

Of course you may also give the father something for the birth of his child. As mother and baby are moste at the centre of attention in the first period after the birth, dads often feel a bit neglected. That's why fathers are all the more happy about a gift just for themselves. How about for example a bottle with a congratulations on the label? Or a glass or a cup with the dedication to the "Best Daddy"?

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