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Design your personalised bottle

  • 9,95 €*
  • Ready to ship in 2 work days

Engraved bottle: many possibilities

As a message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

As a liquor bottle

Engraved liquor bottle

As a flower vase

Engraved bottle as vase

As a whisky bottle

Personalised whisky bottle

For keepsakes

Bottle with sand keepsake

As a birhtday memory

Engraved whisky bottle

All infos about the engraved bottle

Wide large bottle

Wide large bottle
  • Material: Glass
  • Filling quantity: 700 ml
  • Length: approx. 21,5 cm
  • Diameter base: approx. 9 cm
  • Diameter bottle opening: approx. 2,2 cm
  • With plastic cork
  • Price: 19,95 €*

Wide small bottle

Wide small bottle
  • Material: Glass
  • Filling quantity: 350 ml
  • Length: approx. 17,5 cm
  • Diameter base: approx. 7,5 cm
  • Diameter bottle opening: approx. 1,9 cm
  • With plastic cork
  • Price: 12,95 €*

Narrow large bottle

Narrow large bottle
  • Material: Glass
  • Filling quantity: 500 ml
  • Length: approx. 26,5 cm
  • Diameter base: approx. 6,5 cm
  • Diameter bottle opening: approx. 1,8 cm
  • With swing stopper
  • Price: 14,95 €*

Narrow small bottle

Narrow small bottle
  • Material: Glass
  • Filling quantity: 200 ml
  • Length: approx. 18 cm
  • Diameter base: approx. 5,5 cm
  • diameter bottle opening: approx. 1,8 cm
  • with swing stopper
  • Price: 9,95 €*

Swing stopper

Personalised bottle with swing stopper

The two narrow engraved bottles have a swing stopper.

Plastic cork

Personalised bottle with plastic cork

The wide personalised bottles have a plastic cork.

Solid glass

Personalised bottle material

The engraved bottles are made of high-quality glass. The bottom is solid and very stable.

Sizes and shapes

Personalised bottles sizes and shapes

In our assortment of bottles you can chose the right one for your purpose.

Personalised bottle: Popular design templates

Frequently asked questions about the personalised bottle

What are the advantages of a plastic cork compared to a natural cork?

On the one hand, plastic corks are easier to clean and therefore more hygienic than natural corks. On the other hand, plastic corks are more stable and do not break so quickly.

Are the personalised bottles dishwasher safe?

Yes, you can clean the engraved wine bottles in the dishwasher without worrying. Please rinse the plastic cork of the wide bottle by hand.

What fits through the bottle opening?

Are you unsure whether your desired contents fit through the bottle opening? You can find the exact diameters in the information on the individual bottles..
Product information

What can I use the engraved bottles for?

  • as message in a bottle for vouchers, love letters, congratulations or invitations
  • as special packaging for gifts of money
  • as whisky bottle, gin bottle or as carafe for liquor or syrup
  • as decorative glass bottle or vase

"Thank you Personello""

Designing and ordering was so easy, delivery was way before estimated date (5 days before). When opening and seeing it i was amazed it is beautiful, Thank you Personello.
(David N. from Nottingham)

Engraved bottle and whisky glasses

If you are looking for a gift set you can combine our personalised bottle with the engraved whisky glasses.

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