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Engraved Sweet jar

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All information about the sweet jar

Large sweet jar

  • Material: high quality glass
  • Height: 24,6 cm
  • Diameter: 13,6 cm
  • Diameter glass opening: 10,8 cm
  • Weight: 859g
  • Glass shape: round
  • Closes airtight with rubber seal
  • Price: 24,95 €*

Small sweet jar

  • Material: high quality glass
  • Height: 17 cm
  • Diameter: 10,3 cm
  • Diameter glass opening: 8,8 cm
  • Weight: 440g
  • Glass shape: round
  • Closes airtight with rubber seal
  • Price: 16,95 €*

Variations in comparison

Sweet jar variations in comparison

Engraved sweet jar: Popular design templates

Variety as a gift

We call the product "sweet jar", because we had to give it a name. But of course it is much more than that. We could also have called it mason jar, cookie jar, biscuit jar or spice jar. Because if you gift it to someone special, it's that much nicer if it's filled with goodies inside. Of course, you can select what you think tastes best to your recipient. :-)

Treat Jar with bottle post
Engraved Sweet jar for wedding
Engraved cookie jar with name
Engraved sweet jar with flowers
Engraved cookie jar for Valentines Day

Individually engraved sweet jar

Snacking is now twice as fun. With your name or personal slogan it's clear who owns what's inside ;-).

Durable glass jar with a lid

Your cookies are safe. The cookie jar is sturdily manufactured and the lid keeps your treats fresh thanks to the sealing ring.

Personal engraving

Choose between different engraving templates, which you can customize with names or short texts.

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