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Design your Flat crystal photo

  • 19,95 €*
  • Ready to ship in 24 h

All information about the flat crystal photo

Flat crystal photo 80x60

8 x 6 cm
19,95 €*

Flat crystal photo 100x100

10 x 10 cm
34,95 €*

Flat crystal photo 105x80

10,5 x 8 cm
29,95 €*

Flat crystal photo 140x105

14 x 10,5 cm
39,95 €*


Wrapped in a gift box

Flat crystal photo with gift box

The flat crystal photo comes in a padded gift box. The black gift box helps to highlight the beauty of your flat crystal photo.

Your photo floats inside the crystal pane

Flat crystal photo floating in pane

Through a special process your photo is engraved inside the glass. This creates an impressive effect: Your photo seems to float on the inside of the crystal pane.


  • Material: hand-polished optical glass
  • Size: available in four different sizes (see above)
  • Note: Your photo is depicted in black and white
  • Impressive effect: Your photo is engraved on the inside of the crystal pane which makes it look like it is floating inside.
  • Optional luminous base: can be used with power supply

Our service: Remove the background of your photo

Flat crystal photo remove background for free

free of charge

Your photo has a disturbing background? Our designers will gladly remove the background for you for free. This way only the part of the photo you want engraved will be visible.

Remove background for free

Luminous base with LEDs for a glowing photo

Flat crystal photo with light base

We recommend ordering a luminous base with the crystal photo pane. It illuminates your photo from below and helps to highlight the beauty of the engraving inside. If you already own a crystal photo pane you can reorder a luminous base here.

A great eye-catcher with stylish design

Flat crystal photo with engraving

The flat crystal photos are only 8 mm (0.31 in) thick. Their slim design makes for an especially modern and elegant appearance. They are a beautiful alternative to a classic photo frame.
The intricate laser engraving perfects the overall appearance.

Thin, high quality crystal photo

Thin crystal photo

The flat crystal photo is made from transparent optical glass.
The panes are only 8 mm (0.31 in) thick: We recommend leaning them against a wall or ordering a luminous base to ideally present them. The luminous base securely holds the flat crystal photo in place wherever you put it.

Our most popular flat crystal photo templates

Frequently asked questions about the flat crystal photo

Can I order the luminous base separately?

If you have already ordered a crystal photo pane you can order a luminous base separately here.

Can I put up the flat crystal photo without the base?

We recommend leaning the flat crystal photo against something. Otherwise it can easily tip over because of its thin (8 mm/0.31 in) design. For a secure hold we recommend ordering the luminous base along with the flat crystal photo.

Is there a coloured version of the flat crystal photo?

No. The engraving process that is used to make the crystal pane only allows a depiction in black and white.

Is the flat crystal photo available in portrait format?

During the production process our employees decide whether your picture is better suited for portrait format. You cannot choose the portrait format yourself.

Does the luminous base work with batteries?

No, The luminous base has a USB plug.

Is the photo 3D?

No. The depiction of the photo in the crystal pane is 2D. If you are interested in a 3D-effect take a look at our 3D crystal photo.

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